sábado, 8 de agosto de 2015

about new music discoveries (girls)


These spanish girls have like four songs but they're so good and so cool, they've done several tours already and became pretty famous. I'm so in love with them. And so frustrated because I used to live in Madrid and now that I live in Caracas my chances to see them live are zero.


Castigadas en el granero is literally the most played song in my phone. I can't stop listening their songs, while studying at library, in the car, everywhere.

I don't know how many times I've seen Walk this Way video. Thousands. MØ is danish and her style is absolute perfection. I love every single piece of clothe she wears. And her music is amazing too. She composes and records her own songs, which is really cool and authentic.




Petite is from USA but she lived in France so she also speaks french. She has a really sweet voice, it's like if a little girl were singing. I love her songs. Her clothes are extremely cute and perfectly styled (by the great Nao Koyabu). All her videos are so beautifull. She reminds me to a modern lolita.



I couldn't make this post without talking about a venezuelan artist. I'm in love with her last song, San Benito. I really liked the mix between a modern indie pop song and a venezuelan tradition like San Benito dance.


My pen pal in Japan sent me a package full of really cute stuff, including a magazine (which I read obsessively) featuring this artist, Thelma. She has a really beautiful voice.